• ★ SPECIFICATIONS: 110cm long (43.3 inches) six-sided chain covered with high quality nylon sleeve, which protects your bike or other subject from scratching. Wire diameter of chain is 0.5” (D12mm) , Length is 43.3'' (110cm),total weight without lock 7.19lb; lock 3.15 “x 2”X0.7” (80mm*54mm*18mm) /0.88lb
  • ★ 3T MANGANESE MATERIALS PROVIDE ULTIMATE STENGTH: Compare with Alloy or iron chain, this chain is made with 3T Hadfield steel or Manganese Steel (Mangalloy), which is in line with EU environmental standards, provided the maximum protection.
  • ★ SHEAR RESISTANCE: The six-sided chain prevents bolt cutters to get a proper grip and the lock has been specially designed and leaves no space for the locking plier to cut the lock.
  • ★ STOUT LOCK & 3 ERGONOMIC KEYS: Our chain lock comes with 1 sturdy zinc alloy and silver coating, strong resists cutting and leverage attacks, ensures your bike/motorcycle safety. Three ergonomic keys are made of hard and durable stainless steel, never bent or twist.
  • ★ WARRANTY & CUSTOMER SERVICE: We provide a lifetime guarantee on the heavy duty chain if it is ever cut with a bolt cutter or hand tool. Our premium case hardened security chain and lock kits have all of the premium features and materials required to keep your valuable machinery, motorcycles or facilities safe.

Heavy Duty Chain Lock Chain Lock