• CARRY FIVE BIKE SAFELY & SECURELY : Our tailgate bike pad is designed with 5 concaved slots and bike fixing straps that can hold and transport five bikes at the same time. The fixing strap is designed to keep the bikes fixed all the time and transports the bikes safely.
  • SPECIAL DESIGNED BACK OPENING FOR CAMERA AND HANDLE ACCESS: Most of tailgate pad in the market with very narrow opening that will block your backup camera. Our special designed tailgate back opening allows you to access both the tailgate handle and backup camera easily while the pad is on. There is a Velcro hook-and-loop strap on the opening to secure the position.
  • LENGTHENED FRRONT COVERS AND FOUR STRAPDS PROVIDE SECURE PROTECTION: Compare with our previous version and most pad in the market, we extended front cover to 20 inches, total 37.5 inches for the pad to avoid bike touch the bumper and provide better protection. Addition strap is added to for easier installation.
  • EXTRA THICK DURABLE AND WATER-PROOF MATERIAL: Compare with most of the 0.7cm thickness pad on the market, our pad is made 1.2 cm thickness high quality PVC to protect both our bike and truck be scratched, which is also waterproofed.
  • Two Convenient Tool Pockets: There are two tool pockets located in the inner side of the pad, with one regular pocket, and one mesh pocket, which will conveniently hold your repair tools

Tailgate Bike Pad Pro for Truck (New Product Released)